A Little Stroll To The Concourse…

This afternoon we were allowed to take Asa for a very brief walk to the concourse area! A very special neonatal unit nurse, Minny, arranged this for us after we noticed a pushchair in the storage area in the nursery and asked her about it. Today was the day! It felt very strange bundling up our little man in his personalised blanket and using the hospital pushchair, but we felt so proud pushing him down the long corridor. He still has his NG tube in so we had to be careful. We were under strict orders to bring him back after 15 minutes.

Asa wrapped up, ready for his first ever glimpse of the world outside the neonatal unit!

Waiting in the concourse was his sister Emelia, Nanny Guy, Nanny Shaw and Grandad Shaw. How pleased they all were to see him!


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