A Poem To Encourage You

God knows what I need and proceeds to encourage me when it’s needed. I’m thankful for Him and His promises to get me through each day. The days when all is well. The days when, quite frankly, life is difficult… But God is always good. This poem was posted in a group I’m part of on Facebook and I wanted to share with you…


God did not promise sun without rain,
Light without darkness or joy without pain;
He only promised us STRENGTH for the DAY
When the darkness comes and we lose our way,
For only through sorrow do we grow more aware
that God is our refuge in times of despair. . .
For when we are happy and life’s bright and fair,
We often forget to kneel down in prayer,
But God seems much closer and needed much more
When trouble and sorrow stand outside our door
For then we seek shelter in his wondrous love
And ask him to send us help from above. . .
And this is the reason we know it is true
That bright shining hours and dark, sad ones, too,
Are part of the plan God made each one,
And all we can pray is “Thy will be done.”

~ Helen Steiner Rice

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