The First Few Days of October

I haven’t seem to have had much time to sit down and write many posts of late. Since I last wrote, Jon’s dad, Ray, has been in hospital and is still there. He had broken a bone in his thigh/hip, and has had other complications. However, he seems to be on the mend and we are hoping he will be home shortly. Ray had his 75th birthday in UHW on 4th October, a place of many memories for us all. We took both the children in to see him, which I am sure made his day.

On the 1st October, Asa had his first Community Paediatrician appointment at Llandough Children’s Centre at the hospital. It was a little bit daunting as the doctor made a long list of those specialists Asa needed referrals to. Moments like this I realise that our life is a little different to some of our friends’ and indeed, different to how I imagined it. There seems to be so many appointments at the moment, but I’m told the first year is rather intense and then it gets better… After all, these appointments are for his benefit!

Also on the 4th of this month, Asa had his feeding clinic appointment with the speech therapist (feeding / swallowing) and dietician. We were initially referred due to Asa’s difficulty in feeding. They are pleased with him, as was I, even though he hardly drank his milk, and he will be seen again soon to monitor his progress.

This weekend was our church’s ‘home’ teaching / fellowship weekend with Mike Kendall.I was able to go Saturday’s morning session, which was about encouraging others and mentioning them. I’m taking away some useful ideas that I want to implement. For example, I want to have specific people in mind to talk to each Sunday and make a bee-line for them. Sometimes it’s hard to get to speak to people you wish to speak to as Bethesda is so busy and buzzing each week – a fab problem to have!! In the afternoon the four of us headed to Barry Fire Station where we had a car wash and Emelia got to sit in the fire engine and pretend to drive it – oh, she loved it! We bought her a toy firefighters helmet – she loved being Penny from Fireman Sam!!! In the evening, we were all able to attend the teaching session and the fellowship meal. Sunday, the great teaching continued. It’s been a great weekend. A busy, ‘normal’, family weekend with our two beautiful children.

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