Psalm 66

I read this Psalm 66 today. I love how sometimes you come across something you’ve read before, but see it in a different way. All my life I have known God is good. Everything He does is good. His very character is good. He does not make mistakes. Sometimes, life is not easy. I’m not referring to Down’s syndrome here, although I acknowledge that it has its challenges, both now and in the future! But life in general can be hard going and battle heavy for us all. For example; work, a toddler’s tantrums, the busyness of needing to get things done, motivation, exercise; the list goes on. It can be easy to slip in to a mundane routine and not appreciate or recognise God’s goodness amongst the trials or ordinariness of our tasks.


*BOOM* comes a reminder of God’s goodness. *BOOM* here’s a reminder of why it’s good to share our lives with each other. *BOOM* God is AWESOME – the Bible even says so! Loving getting ‘down with the Bible’!

Here’s the Psalm for you to read for yourselves. See what I mean?!

Psalm 66

Shout for joy to God, all the earth!
Sing the glory of his name;
make his praise glorious.
Say to God, ‘How awesome are your deeds!
So great is your power
that your enemies cringe before you.
All the earth bows down to you;
they sing praise to you,
they sing the praises of your name.’[a]

Come and see what God has done,
his awesome deeds for mankind!
He turned the sea into dry land,
they passed through the waters on foot –
come, let us rejoice in him.
He rules for ever by his power,
his eyes watch the nations –
let not the rebellious rise up against him.

Praise our God, all peoples,
let the sound of his praise be heard;
he has preserved our lives
and kept our feet from slipping.
10 For you, God, tested us;
you refined us like silver.
11 You brought us into prison
and laid burdens on our backs.
12 You let people ride over our heads;
we went through fire and water,
but you brought us to a place of abundance.

13 I will come to your temple with burnt offerings
and fulfil my vows to you –
14 vows my lips promised and my mouth spoke
when I was in trouble.
15 I will sacrifice fat animals to you
and an offering of rams;
I will offer bulls and goats.

16 Come and hear, all you who fear God;
let me tell you what he has done for me.
17 I cried out to him with my mouth;
his praise was on my tongue.
18 If I had cherished sin in my heart,
the Lord would not have listened;
19 but God has surely listened
    and has heard my prayer.
20 Praise be to God,
    who has not rejected my prayer
    or withheld his love from me!


I know that some of our posts recently have been somewhat ‘negative’ – please bear with us – we are learning new things and adapting to our new life, and with that comes the ‘ups and downs’. From the start, we vowed to be open and honest in this blog, to share the heartache, but also the great, exciting stuff of raising our two precious children. Yes, Asa has Down’s syndrome. But he is first and foremost our son – our adorable, smiling, happy, playful little boy. Emelia is also a joy – full of life, hilarious, fun to be with and beautiful. This blog is also about our faith journey too… So how well does this Psalm fit in with that?! Verses 5 and 16 talk about sharing what God has done – “come and see / hear”… That’s what we hope to be able to do, to invite you all in to our lives, in to our adventure. We are looking forward to sharing what God has been doing, and IS doing in our lives and in our church.

 P1090262A sunny autumn, family day at Barry Island beach…

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