Tiptoe To The Edge

Tiptoe to the edge

I saw this picture on a friend’s Facebook wall recently… (I can’t therefore credit the artist here, although I can see ‘Freya’ written in the corner). I really want a copy of this picture!

To me, it’s a picture of God and I. He is the daddy bird and I am the baby bird. Since Asa was born, life (for me, anyway) has been lived in a bit of a fog, with muddied emotions, hurting hearts and challenged faith. But through it all we have known and experienced God’s presence. One of the hardest parts of our journey so far has been acknowledging Asa’s hearing loss. Now we can put on Asa’s softband without getting upset, we can focus on moving forward. Our family is still rather new to the world of Down’s syndrome, but the world is still beautiful, Asa is beautiful, as is Emelia. God is patiently waiting to show me what’s on offer. I’m starting to think it’s time I launched myself, to take flight and soar with my Saviour.

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