First Christmas as Four Shaws

We’ve had a brilliant Christmas. We spent the morning at home with just the children, opening presents, eating pancakes and the usual morning activities! We spent the afternoon at Jon’s parents, including lunch. Yummy! In the evening we went to my parents and that was a packed house of family, presents and more food!

It’s been a Christmas of ‘firsts’. This is Asa’s first Christmas in the world. Although he’s still so little and couldn’t physically open his own presents, we all still had a wonderful time!

This is the first Christmas where Emelia has had an understanding of what the celebrations are all about. We’ve read the Bible stories about the very first Christmas. It’s the first Christmas she has been able to open her own presents… a bit too quickly at times!

This has been our first Christmas in our new home. It’s hard to believe that it has been seven months since we packed up and moved, me being heavily pregnant. Ah memories! We love our new home, a place where our children will grow up and we’ll grow older!

I digress… I won’t write much more about our family Christmas – some memories can remain private. I’ll just leave you with a few snapshots of the past couple of days. We hope you all had a wonderful, blessed Christmas.

From, the 4 of us xxxx

Christmas lunch at Nanny and Grandad Shaw’s!


Asa, Emelia and two of their cousins, Cerys and Liam (he’s also my cousin!)


Emelia trying out her new scooter at the park today.

Emelia loves the park – she’s getting rather independant and she’s keen to try new things. Today, she’s been jumping and climbing!

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