Let It Snow!!!!!

Snow! Lots of it! What a joy to wake up this morning to the gentle, silent, white stuff. The view out of our living room window was breathtaking – what a view!


The last time it snowed a decent amount, Emelia was only a few months old, around eight months old. I was excited to see her little face. I wondered how she would react! She was thrilled and couldn’t wait to go outside. I was also looking forward to Asa’s first snow experience, although we know he wouldn’t remember it. His ‘speak and learn’ group was cancelled due to hazardous conditions on the road. Jon worked from home for the morning.

Last night, Jon and I had a ‘date night’. We spent it roaming around Dunelm to have a look at curtains, followed by collecting Asa’s ‘new’ highchair bought off eBay. I specifically wanted this type of one because it reclined, which will suit Asa – he can’t sit up so one that doesn’t recline would make meal times too hard for him. We then had a meal at TGI Fridays, and it was wonderful to talk, away from the children and distractions. It felt like a break, and we had several hours just to ourselves! I love my husband! Thanks Mum for babysitting so regularly for us – we couldn’t do it without your very practical help!


This afternoon, we were all able to eat lunch together. It was lovely! Asa looks so grown up now, sitting in his high chair. We will now do Asa’s speech sound cards while he’s in the high chair as the only place he can sit up and doesn’t tire him out.

 P1090770 P1090765
Asa loves doing his sound cards – he smiles consistently at each one. I think his favourites are the ‘ssss’ and ‘sshh’ sounds!


After lunch, the four of us took a slow, slippery walk to Jon’s parents. Emelia enjoyed throwing little snowballs and stopping every few steps to collect little handfuls of the white stuff. Asa was in the pram, wrapped up in several layers including his 6-9 month pram / snow suit which was WAY too big for him! He’s still so small for his age. Both children had beautifully rosy cheeks when we arrived.

Some very creative snow sculptures in Chapel Close!

P1090785 P1090793


This weather always gets me thinking creatively. It makes me appreciate creation – the snow is just so beautiful. Its something that covers our world in a beautiful, soft layer. I’ve been thinking about the actual snowflakes – each are created to be unique. Some snowflakes are the size of small feathers, others are tiny and get lost in the flurry. Some fall fast, spinning wildly, while others take a more gentler pace. Each have their own design and unique way of falling. And so it is with all children. God creates all babies unique. All children are different, whether they have additional needs or not. A repeated theme throughout this blog is that fact that we believe, and know, that God does not make mistakes. (You can read these previous posts here, here and here!)

The following photos are snowflakes captured by my dear friend Lucy. She is a creative genius! How beautiful are these up close photos? How much more so then are our children!!! 🙂

photo1 photo2 photo3 photo4 photo5 photo6

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