Daddy Has The Camera

Some photos of our lovely boy taken by my lovely husband :-)I think it will soon be time for Asa’s first hair cut!!!

P1090834 P1090838 P1090842 P1090845

Asa was more than happy to pose for the camera. I know we’re biased but he really is such a cutie! (As is Emelia!!!). His smile lights up his whole face and almost everyone comments on his huge smile. 🙂

This is Asa in his favourite toy, the Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo. Emelia loved this as a baby too. It was rather expensive, but one of the best investments we made; it’s definitely been worth every penny to see our children loving it. We’ll try and get a photo of him smiling in it! He’s finally able to reach the floor – just!!!


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