Asa’s First (Active) Time At The Park!

We have been waiting for this day for ages. The day when Asa would be strong enough to hold up his little wobbly head, the day his core muscles would allow him to sit up with minimal support, the day when we’d push our little boy in the swing, as we once did with Emelia. I still remember my first time taking Emelia to the park, and I will forever remember this precious day too.

This is one of my favourite photos – my two very special, very wonderful men:


Asa seemed to enjoy his first ever go on the swing. He also seemed to enjoy the slide! 🙂


Emelia also loves the park. She is so independant now, she climbs, slides, crawls and jumps all over the equipment. Considering she didn’t walk until she was exactly 18 months old (due to hypermobility – very flexible hips), she is a very active, energetic toddler!


I love days like this. Family. Sunshine. Leisure Time. Time to be together. Blessed.

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