Milestone Reached!

A few days ago, on the 6th March 2013, my baby boy, Asa, rolled over for the first time from his back to his stomach. The first time he attempted this new manoeuvre, he got his little arm stuck and boy, he howled! On the second attempt, he was more deliberate and intentional – and over he went easily, clearly pleased with himself. I was thrilled to have been there to witness this!

Asa loves tummy time, he always has done, and he is now rolling over almost every opportunity he gets – great fun during nappy change time or getting dressed… Little monkey!

So why am I writing about my baby rolling over? It’s a standard milestone right? Well yes, it is. But you see, Asa is 8 months old and he has Down’s syndrome. He has low muscle tone in general, particularly in his core and in his legs. So whilst this seems like an everyday ‘normal’ milestone – and it is – for Asa it’s a bigger deal, a bigger celebration. It has taken him a bit longer, a bit more determination and it’s been harder work to get to this point.

I am one proud mummy! I am looking forward to sharing with you all of Asa’s future achievements and milestones. We may have even heard Asa utter a few sounds this week, it’s difficult to pick up on these subtle sounds but I think we may have heard a ‘b’ and ‘n’ sound.

So, what milestone will be next, sitting? Babbling? Self feeding? Watch this space!!!!

Prayer points for Asa:

– Praise God for Asa’s new rolling skill.
– Pray his core muscles get stonger so he can learn to sit.
– Pray for his hearing to continue to improve – that God would fully heal him.
– Pray for his speech – that he’d start to ‘babble’ soon.

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