New Reflux Medication

Asa’s reflux seems worse than ever lately. To the point where I’m teary several times a day. I know the poor little lad can’t help it, and I feel so sorry for him. And for myself. And the furniture, carpets and the washing machine. Asa can vomit up to ten times a day. Yes, I know “all babies are sick”, but this is different. This is an illness: Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GORD).

A new online friend on Twitter, G, suggested a different medication for Asa to try. Her little boy, N, has experienced reflux and she is a pharmacist so has professional interest. Yesterday I took Asa back to the doctors to see about a different medication for him, Omeperazole. Thankfully the doctor agreed. Also, on the advice of G, my new friend, I also asked about a feed thickener for Asa’s milk / drinks which should help keep it down in his stomach (God willing!) . Again, the doctor agreed. Happy mama!

Today, Asa started his new meds. So far, he has not been sick today. It seems as though the combination of Omeperazole and Carobel (thickener) has already worked. The doctor warned it could take 2-3 weeks to find out if the new meds would be helpful. Only time will tell if it these meds really will make a difference.

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