A Much Needed Break…

The past week we have been on holiday to Devon, staying a few miles outside of Bideford. It was Asa’s first holiday, and a much needed a break for us all. My Mum joined us for the first few days, which was great! …Especially when Emelia woke early in the mornings because of the light curtains! Thanks Mum! 🙂

Here are a few snapshots of our holiday.


Day trip to Bude, in Cornwall.

20130317_132533 20130317_133225 20130317_13410120130317_142309I saw this in a shop window and *loved* it. What great family rules. I need to be reminded of this often as I’m not always very good at being positive and living in the moment…


Another beach, this time off the beaten track. The name escapes me right now, but if I remember, I’ll add it at a later date! What a beautiful place! Despite the sun shining, it was rather chilly, so after playing on the beach, we warmed up with a delicious hot chocolate just before the sun set. Personally, it was bliss for me. Being with my best friend and husband Jon, our two precious and beautiful children, my funny and helpful Mum, the sunset, the beach, a hot chocolate and a timely reminder of my awesome Creator who makes all things beautiful and without mistakes.

20130317_170109 20130317_165812 20130317_164908


Another day, another beach. A lovely day spent in Ilfracombe and surrounding areas. God had been good in granting us lots of sunshine this holiday!

20130317_132746 20130319_144909 20130319_144852 20130319_155026
Asa’s first taste of ice cream. “Thanks Daddy!”

I love these people!!!


Two sleeping children. All that sea air really does make you sleepy 🙂

A Family Day Out…To The Zoo

Yesterday we went on our first epic family adventure to Bristol Zoo. My mum, Cerys (Emelia’s cousin), and Emma (my brother’s girlfriend) joined us on the adventure. The sun was shining, the children were great and the animals were out to enjoy being the stars of the day.



P1090216 P1090201
Our increasingly alert little boy, taking in the sights of the zoo.

The dinosaur exhibition was pretty realistic!




P1090203 Cerys with Uncle Jon

Emelia wants to be in with penguins!

We know how you feel little man! ~Yawn ~


What a great first family day trip. Today I’m grateful for family, creation and the freedom to enjoy such things. Emelia and Asa, we hope you enjoyed your first ever trip to the zoo!